Mass Updating Applied Dependencies

Hello all,

I’ve created Asset Task Templates and applied them to 100’s of assets. As we know productions often change, and now my Upstream/Downstream Dependencies are different than when these Task Templates were originally applied.

I’ve tried all sorts of ways to manually update the Upstream Dependencies in mass, but can only seem to do it one at a time. I have about 14,000 tasks to update, so it would be great to find a way to mass update!

Note: Running the Dependencies > Finish to Start scripts will not work as I have specific dependencies applied that these preset scripts do not account for.

I could technically delete and reapply all of the task templates, but I would loose all of my status’ and would need to go back and do those manually as well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Dump the existing tasks to an excel with the export all to csv tool (you only need the task name and upstream dependency fields in the export). Then edit the tasks in bulk in excel as you need them and re-import the list back into the task entity in SG (match based on the id field). This will be the easiste/fastest way to relink those task objects without doing them one-at-a-time. (esp without writing a python script).

Oooh that’s a great idea! Would I need to do that for each asset? Or if I do it to one will it apply to all of them?

You can export all the tasks for all assets in one big export, and then just selectinvely filter and batch/replace in sxcel ass you need to. Look out though for your due dates… if you don’t intend for those to go all over the place, make sure you “pin” the tasks first (field inthe dependency section)… otherwise I think changing the upstream depency could trigger the start & due date on the current task to try to recaclulate.

Good looking out. Thank you, Kim! I’ll give this a try :slight_smile:

You likely need their ID more than you need the name though.

Apart from that method, this could be done via api by running a script or having a right-click menu (AMI) that does this for you on selected items.