8.10 Release Notes

Release date: March 9, 2020

In this release we’ve focused on improving the way task templates are created and applied.

Create Task Templates in Context

task template create
On any view where you have tasks grouped by their link, a new context menu gives you the ability to save the tasks as a new task template—ready to be used in any project.

If you need to update an already existing task template, follow the same process on any entity that already has the task template applied, and choose to “Update” when prompted.

Easily apply existing Task Templates

task template apply

Any time you might apply a task template (including the new task group menu), you’ll now be presented with different options to help you add the right tasks to your entities. Apply a task template to an entity for the first time, switch from one task template to another, or remove a task template from an entity altogether. And if there are any tasks left over that aren’t part of the selected template, you’ll be prompted to remove them as well.

And as you might expect, this all works when you need to update multiple entities in one go.

Additional Features

For Producers

  • When using the importer and matching based on an ID field, the field’s case sensitivity setting is now considered.
  • In addition, the case sensitivity setting for fields has been reworded for clarity. [SG-14636]

For Developers

  • It’s now possible to create bookings via the /new/Booking URL if Crew Planning is enabled. [SG-12054]

Other Changes

  • Clicking a link to a project (or double-clicking a project’s thumbnail) will now always direct to the leftmost page in the project’s navigation. [SG-14361]
  • Added a link to the community site from the user account menu. [SG-15684]
  • Updated the “New Features” link in the user account menu. [SG-15681]
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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Task Template fields could not be edited correctly during import [SG-15847]
  • Fixed a formatting issue with the task deletion dialog that could occur when changing a Task Template that had tasks with a lot of usage data. [SG-15832]
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Bug Fixes

  • Fix for Task Dependencies with offsets not updating correctly in the Gantt chart. [SG-16555]
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Bug Fixes

  • External patch for a bug in 3rd party email software that could (rarely) disable email notifications given certain very specific email content. [SG-15937]
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Bug Fixes

  • Fix for Row heights in the Gantt when modifying items like Thumbnails, Text Wrap and adding or removing fields such as Time Logged. [SG-15874]
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Bug Fixes

  • Fix for Page Grouping in the Thumbnail View. [SG-16630]
  • Fix to make sure that special characters are escaped in the new Add button. [SG-16544]
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Bug Fixes

  • Fix to ensure non-Admin roles are able to see a Task Template list in Edit Task Template dialog. [SG-16563]
  • Corrected the wording of some of the options in the email notifications section of account settings [SG-16718]
  • Fix to make sure it is still possible to Split Tasks in the Gantt when the Thumbnail field is displayed. [SG-16631]
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Bug Fixes

  • External patch for a bug in 3rd party email software, to make the 3rd party bug fail fast instead of hanging. The (rare) emails that cause the issue will still not be delivered. [SG-16856]