Streaming With RV Tips

[This post is part of a series of articles about working from home in Shotgun.]

Hey all,

Here’s some information I thought I’d share with the rest of community after some questions came up in our 1:1 support. There are some interesting streaming options that you can experiment with when using RV/Shotgun.


  • Use H.264 (mp4) to stream higher quality media. You can put media under the mp4 field in Shotgun and it should pick up the mp4 automatically on playback when streaming option is specified. When encoding H.264, please use the -movflags +faststart to make the streamed media load up a bit faster. You can take a look at our DIY Transcoding article to see which command we use to encode media on our end to start your journey. You can also alternatively look at what Youtube recommends for better streaming settings when encoding: Recommended upload encoding settings - YouTube Help

  • VMAF from Netflix for figuring out the best video quality:

  • RV through ffmpeg supports http streaming (not HLS but http) and if you have a static server, RV can be handed that path. For RV’s built-in integrations (screening room/review) under the streaming option it’s what we do. You can take a flask server to serve out the h264s. This way you can control where the media is located, without having to download it locally.

General Shotgun playlists reference:

Hope this helps!

– Alexa