Static ASSET folder with dynamic folders inside, at the same level of episodes entities

Hi! Im trying to setup a project that was already started without shotgun, so I have some weird schema hierarchy that I can not break.

My problem is that the ASSETS folder is inside the episodes one (which is called ‘WORK’), at the same level of episode entities so the breakdown tool inside Maya is trying to look for the episode named ASSETS (but actually I am able to publish and so far other tools work fine.)

Is there a way to ignore this static folder? maybe a filter inside the yaml …


Hi! I know you guys are very busy :S
Can someone point me in the right direction?
Sorry for insisting but Im very lost here.
Thanks a lot in advance!!

@patrick-hubert-adsk , @philip.scadding , @bouchep , @johnny.duguid

My apologies @macbeth , I am not very familiar with that part. I am afraid I am unable to provide any advice or pointer.


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@macbeth The error is there are two templates uses same path. You could modify one . In the templates, the path has to be unique.

Sorry for the late response.


Hi thanks for answering!
I’m actually looking for a way to ignore the folder using the filters inside the yaml file for that level of entity, as I can not change the path, because I already have work done using this naming convention, is this possible? Ignore the asset folder inside the YAML episode filter config?