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This is in regard to setting up a schema with a dynamic episode directory. When a dynamic sequence directory is in the path, the shot directory is created correctly, once per episode. However, when the sequence directory is removed, the shot directory is created incorrectly in several episodes.

Attached are relevant images.

I would like to have dynamic episode/shot directories where the shot directory is only created based on the sequence linked to the shot.

As reference, I am using this documentation:

But I can’t seem to make it work without the sequence directory being in the path.

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Hey Craig! Welcome to the :shotgun: community forum :partying_face:

I see you’ve submitted a Zendesk ticket about this as well. Most of the Toolkit team is offline for the weekend already, but I’ve flagged this to the experts and someone will get back to you ASAP.

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Thanks, Jessica. Likewise, a great weekend to you!

Hi Craig,

Apologies our regular toolkit guy is out this week, so I’ll see if I can help here, by the looks of your shot.yml you need to add a filter for the episode if there is no sequence in the shot.yml, There is an example for adding a Set to an asset hierarchy in this doc, should be a similar workflow.

adding something like { "path": "sg_episode", "relation": "is", "values": [ "$episode"] } should do it for you?


Hi David,

Thanks for your help. Yes, I tried that syntax before and it didn’t work because the shot entity does not have an episode fields. However, your message made me think about using the dot notation. I looked at the documentation again and I figured out how to use the dot notation for the answer:

filters: [ { “path”: “sg_sequence.Sequence.episode”, “relation”: “is”, “values”: [ “$episode”] }]

This works. Thanks again. Your message actually did jar my memory and made me think about using the dot notation.




Hi Craig,

Thats great, glad something useful came out of my reply :slight_smile:. I didn’t get a chance to set up a test so well done for getting there with the dot syntax!

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