State of the tk-unreal Engine?


As I’m looking at Shotgun integration with UE4, I was wondering what was the state of the tk-engine: is it considered stable?

I’m asking because I had to fix a few basic issues, e.g. missing imports, to get things working. Here is a diff for my initial ramblings:

diff --git a/config/hooks/tk-multi-publish2/tk-maya/basic/ b/config/hooks/tk-multi-publish2/tk-maya/basic/
index 98a96f0..fb0b5f9 100644
--- a/config/hooks/tk-multi-publish2/tk-maya/basic/
+++ b/config/hooks/tk-multi-publish2/tk-maya/basic/
@@ -265,7 +265,7 @@ class MayaUnrealTurntablePublishPlugin(HookBaseClass):
             raise Exception(error_msg)

         # Validate the Unreal executable and project, stash in properties
-        unreal_exec_path = self.get_unreal_project_path() or self._get_unreal_exec_path(settings)
+        unreal_exec_path = self.get_unreal_exec_path() or self._get_unreal_exec_path(settings)
         if not unreal_exec_path or not os.path.isfile(unreal_exec_path):
             self.logger.error("Unreal executable not found at {}".format(unreal_exec_path))
             return False
diff --git a/install/github/ue4plugins/tk-unreal/v1.0.0/python/tk_unreal/ b/install/github/ue4plugins/tk-unreal/v1.0.0/python/tk_unreal/
index c148276..3a6d341 100644
--- a/install/github/ue4plugins/tk-unreal/v1.0.0/python/tk_unreal/
+++ b/install/github/ue4plugins/tk-unreal/v1.0.0/python/tk_unreal/
@@ -1,9 +1,11 @@
 # This file is based on templates provided and copyrighted by Autodesk, Inc.
-# This file has been modified by Epic Games, Inc. and is subject to the license
+# This file has been modified by Epic Games, Inc. and is subject to the license
 # file included in this repository.

+import os
 import unreal
 import sgtk.platform
+import sys

In UE4, upon startup, I get a raised exception in the Output Log:

LogPython: Loading Shotgun Engine for Unreal from ***\install\github\ue4plugins\tk-unreal\v1.0.0\python\tk_unreal\unreal_sg_engine.pyc
LogScript: Error: Script Msg: Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "***\install\github\ue4plugins\tk-unreal\v1.0.0\python\tk_unreal\", line 20, in _post_init
    engine.unreal_sg_engine = self
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'unreal_sg_engine'
LogScript: Error: Script call stack:
    [Empty] (FFrame::GetScriptCallstack() called from native code)

Also to be noted, the UE4 turntable level/sequencer and the bootstrapping script did not work for me, not that they fail but the camera is not fitted to the published object/actor. It is not really a big issue as we have our own setup for that but I should I would mention it.




Hi Thomas

Thanks for raising this. We’ve seen this error come up a few times now, I’m glad you were able to make it work.
The unreal engine and its parts are written and maintained by the lovely people at Epic Games, I would recommend reaching out them in the forums or submitting a bug via their channels.

I appreciate you sharing this though, hopefully it can help others who are also hitting this.



So I guess this is a UDN ticket then as there is no issue board on the Github repo.

The UDN ticket url for those interested into following this:

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