Shotgun Toolkit with Perforce hook in UE4

We are testing Shotgun + UE4 + Perforce in Virtual Production.
We want to use Perforce manage UE4 project, and publish meshes and video for reviewing onto Shotgun.
So I think we need to record Perforce change info on Shotgun’s revision table, and build a link between publishFiles and revisions.
I’m a new guy on Shotgun toolkit, I think I can add a new hook for tk-multi-publish2.
I got the example code from tk-multi-perforce , it’s on tk-multi-publish1 and without UE4 (only Maya, ps.), but now tk-multi-publish2 is intergate in UE4.
Could you update the tk-multi-perforce code?
Or give me some example code for tk-multi-publish2 with perforce hook?
Thank you very much.


Hey there,

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The current Perforce integration has been deprecated and, unfortunately, we’re not in a position right now to update the code.

A new Perforce integration is under consideration on our roadmap under Considering—add your interest and the Product Team will keep you updated on news.

In the meantime, @jhultgre shared out their own updates and code on the forum in this post.

I hope it was helpful,