Perforce Integration

I noticed that on the roadmap that Perforce integration is still listed as being under consideration even though there’s been an implementation since 2014.

Is this something newer or more current?

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Hi there!

There are some limitations in our 2014 implementation that makes it more of a proof of concept than something we’ve seen studios successfully use in production. The implementation requires running a daemon that polls the p4 server and also needs everybody to have the depot checked out to the same path on each machine.

The thing we are considering (from the roadmap) is a big iteration on perforce integration to make it more flexible and easier to setup. As an official feature it should work with minimal configuration out of the box, rather than requiring a lot of heavy lifting to get going.

That said, there are studios that have successfully implemented p4 hooks for our loader and publisher, which can be simpler to setup. You can see this thread for a few more details:


Good to know… we do actually require everyone to have the depot checked out to the same path on each machine so maybe that’ll help.

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