Loader/File Open Dialog Perforce

In the File Open/Loader dialog it is searching your local project folders for files according to your templates. If it finds the files it displays them in the window to the right. If it doesn’t find a file, it just returns a “No files found”. What I would like to do is have it also search my perforce repo for a file in the same path. Then, if that file does exist, sync the file locally and open. Where/How do I go about doing this?


Hi @jspeer

Not familiar with Perforce. Looking at Integrating-Perforce-Into-Your-Configuration . Load App has hooks. You could try something there.

When other expert is online, they may input more valuable idea.




Hey @jspeer

The file open app is pretty embedded with the templates and schema setup, so trying to get it to recognize files out side of the schema folders will be difficult and involve modifying the app.

The loader however you stand a much better chance with. The loader should show the published files that are found in Shotgun, and doesn’t scan the folders on disk like the workfiles app.

You could take over the filter hook and actually modify the passed publish entries so that the path is what you would like it to be.

Or you could modify the action hooks to re-path where they are looking for the file: