Some tips and tricks for the Trusted Solutions category

A few tips and tricks for using the forum and the Trusted Solutions category and sub-categories:

About the categories

  • The top level category Trusted Solutions is accessible by Admins, Mods, and SG Internal.
  • Each sub-category is visible to the same groups.
  • Permissions are handled via the category settings and groups.
  • @Guillaume, @francesca, and @johnny.duguid are points of contacts for this space should you need additional help.

Best practices for the forum

  • Know your audience. If they’re technical, go deep into details if you need. If they’re not, try to avoid jargon.
  • It’s ok to not know the answer, but it’s helpful to let the client know we’re looking into their needs so they know we’re on it.
  • Never lie. If you make a mistake or put out bad info, go back and correct it. Own up to it and move on. Everyone makes mistakes so don’t sweat it, but clean up any mess.
  • Discourse works great on mobile devices. Head to the URL in your mobile browser or download an OS specific app (iOS, Android).
  • Notifications are your friend. You can fine tune them to your preferences. Details below.
  • You and clients can reply via email.
  • If you observe anyone behaving poorly in the forum, you can flag their post by clicking the :white_flag: icon near the post and the Admin+Moderation team will handle follow up.
  • When in doubt, ask @johnny.duguid, @Guillaume, or @francesca or post to the #shotgun-community Slack channel.

Tuning notification preferences

Discourse has robust notification preferences that you can tweak. It’s worth being aware or two particular settings:

  1. Within your user profile, head to Preferences > Notifications

  2. You can refine settings within each topic and category, too. Just look for the blue ! icon: