How can I post or reply to a topic?

To participate in the Shotgun community, sign up to the upper right 08%20PM .

To be a part of the conversation, select any blue Reply button 05%20PM. That will open the editor panel at the bottom of your browser where you can preview your reply.

To reply to a specific post in a topic, simply:
a) Select the Reply button 10%20PM at the end of each post, and your reply will be linked to that post.
b) Select text you’d like to quote, and then Quote18%20PM . This will open a new reply draft with the quote inline.

To post a new topic, simply select + Topic 09%20PM on the upper right. From there, you can select the category the topic should fall within. If you’re creating a topic in the context of a category, that category will autofill.


Have you guys activated the option to reply via email rather than having to use the forum UI?
Sometimes I’m in a rush or want to reply via phone, which is so much easier to do in email.

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Yup - that’s on! We haven’t enabled starting a new topic from email yet though. Need to work out some details there first.

Awesome! Testing reply via email…



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