Suggestion for new category

Hi all,

I am very happy to see you have adopted Discourse, it seems to be the best forum software out there from what I have seen, as it ticks all the boxes (including participating via email - as long as the respective admin options allow this).
I would like to suggest a new category for people to discuss and maybe even share their clever layouts. The most common complaints about Shotgun always lead back to ineffective layouts, and I find myself re-inventing them a lot, thinking that surely there are better ones out there.
Would this be worth a category to encourage people to share on this level?


:wave:, @frank - great idea! @shaynad started a topic about just this over here, but I could see breaking them out for more visibility.

What do you think of starting with a tag and then we split out into a category over time if it gains traction?

yeah sure, I tend to forget about tagging, but worth a shot, seeing we are in testing mode for this forum.

Cool - #page-layouts created!

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Cool - we’ve designed our projects and pages a lot over time, and it would be fun to share our current state. Something of a web repo, where you can check out layouts in a mock project would be awesome.

And on that topic - more flexibility would be great, there are still pages we can’t customize well and components we can’t create or edit, the myTasks page for example.



I couldn’t agree more with @Hristo_Velev
Great idea regarding a mock project to showcase various layouts!