The previous forum

We’re planning to freeze new submissions to our previous forum hosted on Zendesk in about two weeks. After that, we’ll likely deprecate them.

Even though the traffic over there was pretty light, there’s some good discussion over there.

What’s the interest level in that content? Should it move over or fade into the past?

Curious the community’s thoughts on this. Thanks!

The area of the old forum that received the most traffic was the feature request section, but it didn’t get as much attention as it should and sometimes felt like an echo chamber.

We’re working on that.

A first step has been to make our roadmap public and provide a direct line to the product team to submit ideas.

For more info about feature requests, head over here.

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Hey @johnny.duguid I think there should be some content brought over that’s still relevant. Or if you decide to deprecate it all, then just manually create the content here with the relevant info. For example, the custom protocol handler posts were really useful for a lot of people (and one of the top hits for a long time). That info was kind of a mess of suggestions - but still relevant. Perhaps some cleanup and re-post or porting to a docs area?

I also think the TK FAQ section was very helpful. It created good concise hits for searches like “where do my logs live?” etc.

That said, I think there’s a lot of outdated stuff and threads that aren’t that useful anymore or relevant. So… I guess I’m saying, someone should troll through the posts and port the useful stuff over and ditch the rest. My .02