Bug tracking on the forum?

Hey all - currently bugs are routed through our Zendesk support site or via email alias, but would there be any interest in submitting and tracking bugs here?

We’re not actively investigating this, but taking a temperature check.

Why would(n’t) you?


I think, yes. Especially for submitting and then bring them back in Jira (with a Jira integration maybe ?)

It might help to release a bit of the work load on Street shoulders if we have an approach that help Devs and Qas to have directly access to bug investigation from customers and the possibility to ask them directly questions. We were doing that in Centercode when I was in the Flame team and it was working great. With this forum being the official place to be, would be great to have a similar workflow.


Heck yeah plz track the bugs here too. It’s good for a bug report to start as a support ticket and for you folks to link those support tickets to the publicly-trackable i.e. “known bugs” list, because then you (SG) can keep track of who’s experiencing what issue. The other thing I’m thinking of are the release notes – these are often very terse and internally-focused descriptions with a link to an internal-to-SG-only ID number. Many times I’ve found myself reading a release note about a bug fix and wondering if we’ve been affected or if the fix would actually break some hacky workaround we came up with. TL;DR: it’d be great to be able to get more details about the bug fixes.


That sounds great. I see how it could be very beneficial if Shotgun Toolkit became more like a “real” open-source project.

I’m often wondering if other users are running into the same issue or if I just approach it from the wrong angle. In such cases I either have to hit up Shotgun support or post to the community. Being able to search a database and communicate there instead, could be much more productive.