Software entity doesn't generate events?

Hello there!

I’m creating a plugin in Shotgrid Event Framework. This isn’t the first one, I’ve already created multiple working plugins.

However this time I’d like to create a plugin that listens to Software entity changes. For start I created a plugin without any event filters and it seems like when I modify a Software entity, it’s not getting a new event.

My script user has permission to see Event logs and it receives all kinds of events, but Software entity logs are missing.
Any ideas what could cause this? Are Software entites different?

Thanks in advance!

Is it possible that software entities don’t generate events, because they’re shared and not project specific entities?

I have noticed similar behaviour with respect to Software Entities and Script Users. My issue was in regards to wanting certain commands (derived from the software entity) only being available in a tk-shell environment authenticated by a script user. There does not seem to be a way to make a direct correlation between the script user and Software Entity.

I’d love to someone firmly confirm or deny the case of Software entity changes not seen in the Event logs.

I just did a quick test in the UI and confirmed that changes do generate events. Make sure you’re viewing a global EventLogEntry page, not inside a project.

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Yeah they shoudl definitely create events, I can confirm.

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This is a good start, but could you also confirm, that Script users can access these Global events?