EventLogEntry user is None if the user is a Script user

Hello there!

I’m using the Shotgun Event Framework to query EventLogEntries. I’d like to filter the handled events by the uploader user, which is in my case a Script user. However I noticed that if I query such event’s log entry it’s user value is None.

If I query some manual modifications’ event log entries done by Human users, they contain the users’ data.
Is this a bug? Am I missing something? How could I determine the Script user for an EventLogEntry?

Thanks in advance!

Did you enable the option for your script users to generate events?

I wasn’t aware of this setting. It will be important later on, so thank you for mentioning it!

This wasn’t the case though. Strangely the issue disappeared. Now when I query the events, the user contains data even for Script users as I would expect it. I don’t know what changed, it wasn’t me… :confused:

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