What Shotgun events does Toolkit generate?

What events does Toolkit create?

  1. Any events that would normally be created from an SG API crud request. Ie entity was created, deleted, updated and so on. (Technically Toolkit isn’t creating these specifically, but you’ll get an event for example when a PublishedFile entity gets created.)
  2. We create an event (Toolkit_App_Startup) when the user launches a software via Shotgun. (Technically it’s whenever the tk-multi-launchapp launches software.)
  3. We create an event when folder creation is run (Toolkit_Folders_Create), and we also create an event when folders get unregistered (Toolkit_Folders_Delete).

Is it possible to create your own custom events?

It’s possible to create your own events during the operation of Toolkit. You can use the standard SG API create request to create an event or you can use the Toolkit utility method.