Software entity commands - remove config submenu?


Been looking around for my answer but have come up short. I have tk-multi-launchapp registering Software commands. In SG UI they are separated by config submenus. I was curious if there was a way to remove the config submenu and have all registered commands listed. TIA for any advice!

If you set the Group field on a Software entity does this help?

Hey Halil! Thanks for the tip.
Unfortunately it just gave me an additional submenu, so now on a right click I see this:

[default context menu stuff]
       |--------> [my_software_name]
                          |----------> [my_software_name] (default)

hope that makes sense.

The only mechanism that makes this work is naming the config name ‘Primary’.
Closing this out.

Ah I wasn’t fully understanding what you meant but yeah, each PipelineConfiguration linked to the Project that you have explicit access to via the Restricted Users field - OR - a Pipeline Configuration that has a blank Restricted Users will be listed and the available apps for the tk-shogun engine for the given environment yml / entity type will be listed. A Pipeline Configuration named Primary will not have this grouping by default.

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