Slates - Fields not sorting correct

Greetings from LA! I am currently on a shoot and try to keep our shotgun up-to-date as we move along. We are using Setellite for our onset notes, and at the end of the day export these as a CSV to import into shotgun. Match to our fields on import etc. - all works fine.

We have fields called Slate Number (17A, for example, in the american nomenclature) and Take Number.

I noticed that internally shotgun uses the Slate Name field when linking to a shot, so I am externally concatenating Slate Number and Take Number (into 17A-1, for example)

So far, so good.

I am now seeing that sorting doesn’t really work as expected.
Slates like 17 and 17A come before 2, which comes before 20 and so on.

Is this expected behavior?

Thanks, Alex


We are using padding with zeroes to have stuff sorted properly alphabetically. In your example 2 should be 02, in that case order becomes 02 > 17 > 17A > 20 as you would expect.


Hi Alex,

The Slate Name field is a text field so when you sort that, we sort based on alphabetical contents. We don’t sort numerically like we would for number fields.

Here is a bit of a :nerd_face: example from StackExchange (a great resource):

Basically, your path of least resistance is probably what @Hendrik_Proosa suggests, prepending with 0 based on the largest number you’ll encounter.


Hi Patrick, thanks for that. I understand the way the sorting works - I was just hoping there would be an easier way around.

I would like stay away from leading zeros in the Slate Name to always be able to reference back to the editorial QTs. So I guess my workaround is to introduce a new field based on Slate Name that does have leading zeros and is only used for sorting.

Cheers, Alex

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This additional sorting field is what we use too, if necessary. In some cases codes sort alphabetically in different order than is the logical progression of scenes/sequences or whatnot, for example when there are short abbreviations used, and padding doesn’t solve this kind of issues.

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