Shotgun's Chrome notifications fade away in Windows 10 notification center

Our users would love to see their most recent notifications in the Windows 10 notification center, creating something like the SG “Inbox” but it’s displayed through the Windows operating system and users don’t need to switch over to Shotgun Web interface to check messages.
Notification Center is the new feature in Windows that gathers the pop-up notifications from all the apps like Slack or Outlook. I found a way to “enable native notifications” in Chrome, so that Chrome’s notifications are treated like other Windows apps and the notifications gather in the Windows Notification Center sidebar.

However, while other Chrome notifications stay visible in the Notification Center, Shotgun’s notifications disappear quickly from the sidebar or sometimes won’t show up at all.

Is there a way to make the Chrome notifications for Shotgun NOT fade away?


Hi @SteveJ,

Thanks for the post, and welcome to the :shotgun: community! The current implementation of the Chrome notifications were made before the advent of the Windows 10 notification center, and hasn’t been revisited to make use of that specific functionality. I can definitely see having a lightweight notification so your artist can read it and get right back to work would be desirable.

I’ve submitted your use case to our product team, but if you want to submit ideas directly to them in the future you can do so via our roadmap site. Read more about that here:

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