Shotgun ToolkitApp not showing in Desktop


I am having issues with an app not showing in the SG Desktop. I have modified the following two files:


# project
      location: "@apps.nk-multi-bugreporter.location"


ToolkitApp: &ToolkitApp CustomNonProjectEntity04

- ./frameworks.yml

# Custom
  type: shotgun
  entity_type: *ToolkitApp
  id: 3
  field: sg_uploaded_app
  version: 662759

I have created a customNonProjectEntity04 to house the Toolkit Apps payload. Everything is working fine when I am using a distributed config, but when I add these same pieces into a centralized config the app is not showing in Desktop. Can anyone confirm the setup is the same for centralized as it is in distributed configs?

One other thing that I am seeing different here is the centralized configs do not have anything in the Plugin Ids field. I’ve never seen that before, but that is how they have things setup. Can someone explain to me what this will affect by leaving this field blank? I always thought that if this field is blank, that would be disabling the Pipeline Config. But, that is not the case here???

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The resolution to this lies in the centralized config. By navigating to the config root folder and executing:

tank cache_apps

This will pull down the CustomNonProjectEntity sg_uploaded_app into the local install/app_store folder along with all of the Shotgun hosted apps. This cache_apps command also needs to be run after every time you change a custom app or wish to pull any changes made by SG to their hosted apps.

Thanks @tannaz!