Can't install Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit via Shotgun App Store

We are currently moving our pipeline to Pyhton3 and I am trying to navigate in a custom shotgun desktop installation to be up to date with latest versions of python and shotgun desktop.
But for some reasons, even if I have installed the shotgun desktop ( and it runs correctly, I can navigate through projects, open maya ect … ), I still can’t see the Pipeline Toolkit button in the “manage apps” page. ( the one we can see here :
I can’t see any article talking about it, maybe somebody can help me figure it out.

Thanks In Advance,


Hi @trisk-7 :wave:,

Welcome to the community! Sorry for the confusion there. The document you are referencing is out-of-date, and you’ll find the updated section on Desktop here. The Shotgun UI was updated to include Desktop in manage apps, but no longer includes the Pipeline Toolkit button you’re referencing from that older document. Does that help clear things up?


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Thank you for your answer ! It helps a lot :slight_smile:

Ok, I understand why I can’t find this option then :).
Now things are managed in softwares, I get it ^^. We have that configured already.

but I still can’t find How the tank files are generated ( the ones that allow to launch tank commands like ‘tank updates’ ).
( like on this page : that has been updated this week ), Are they auto-generated when you duplicate an existing Pipeline configuration from a template project ?
The rest of the functionalities is working for me, I just want to be sure I don’t use legacy old stuff that has not been removed by my predecessors and that all files are up to date.


A quick point to start with, we are currently working on porting everything over so that the Toolkit code is cross compatible with Python 2 and 3. We’ve released some apps and tk-core already, and the rest is in progress. Currently the Shotgun Desktop build is running Python 2 but we will be updating it.

As for the tank command, you get this when you run an advanced setup and choose to create a centralized config. Distributed/uploaded configs don’t have an easily accessible tank command, and it’s not intended that you use the tank command with a distributed config.


Ah I can see those panels now !
I think our old projects needed a little cleanup, the shotgun desktop did not ask me to configure my new tests projects.
I am going to try to create en centralized config that works with the new version of the tk-core to have it work with the tank commands.
Thanks a lot !