Shotgun toolkit - Where to start?

Hi - Is there a step-by-step guide or video to setting up sg-toolkit with basic integrations?

A nuke-centric guide would be preferable if one is available.



Hi, did you have any luck on the getting started. I am curious also with regards to nuke integration.


Heya ChiefBunhead,

We decided against using SGTK for application integrations due to reliance on a connection to the cloud.

Writing our own lightweight studio-side middle-ware with on demand SG push/pull ended up being the way to go for us.

What sort of functionality do you need?

An old post but for what it’s worth I wanted to point out that the Shotgrid Pipeline Tutorial is a great way to learn the basics of toolkit. It really pushed me from being scared to touch anything related to our pipeline to understanding how things do what they do. Even if you only want the built in integrations this will explain how they work.

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