Running Toolkit applications without the full framework

Hi all,

I am exploring creation of some simple ShotGrid interfaces for use inside of Nuke. However my studio may/may not be interesting in creating a whole site configuration for with sgtk.

Are there any methods available for working with tk-framework-qtwidgets, tk-framework-shotgunutils outside of rolling out the full environment required? I’d like to be able to cherrypick some of the UI components from toolkit without the need to implement Shotgun desktop etc.

Any advice on setting that up (or knowing its not possible) would be appreciated!


Hi @mfrank !

I’d say it is next to impossible. The frameworks assume that they are run from a sgtk environment, so using them as they are will probably have unwanted side effects.
You can probably cherry pick some code after carefully evaluating that it does not require the toolkit environment, but you are on your own here.
This actually scratches one of the things that I always disliked about sgtk: the poor (or almost non existent) implementation into the python eco system. You can install the shotgun_api and tk-core with pip, but that’s about it. All of the apps, engines and frameworks need sgtk and cannot run on their own. I stop here before I go into full rant mode…
Another thing for you to consider is that you actually can bootstrap sgtk in the background and make use of their apps and frameworks. This could be quite a rabbit hole and I recommend going the default route through SG Desktop or SG Create.
Hope that helps!


Hi @Fabian ,

Thanks very much for your response. “Next to impossible” is disappointing but is definitely an answer that will save me some time and headache.

sgtk seems very powerful for companies who do not already have a pipeline in place. But my studio already has a whole host of internal tools, environment variables, package dependency managers, DCC configuration management that is loosely coupled via shotgun_api3 but the development was started and continued before sgtk was ever a thing.

So yeah, I was hoping to find some kind of minimum barrier to entry (that’s not too hacky) to just tap into some of the functionality. I’m talking with one of our Admins about getting SG Desktop going to play around with atm, maybe there’s something I can figure out. Thanks again!

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