How to install Shotgun to DCC apps etc

Hi, I am totally new to shotgrid. I have seen that you can integrate into Nuke for example. Is there a dummies guide on how to do this? I have installed the desktop app and create app. I can see Nuke when in a project and can launch nuke from there but nothing shows in the menu bar for shotgrid.

I have been trawling through manuals and nothing shows you how to get setup. All seems to assume you already have access to the shotgrid menu inside the apps. I am obviously missing something.

Sorry if this is a stupid request.



you should likely start here:

To setup the basic configs you can follow the GUI Advnaced Project Setup using SG Desktop (right click in the grey inside a project → Advanced → Advanced Project Setup)

For basic customisation you will need to dive into the YAML files and for more customisation Python knowledge is required.