Shotgun Launch Nuke : License Issue

Shotgun Launch Nuke Non-Commercial, other than licensed Nuke. Is there a way we could force Shotgun to Launch licensed Nuke or Nuke X instead of picking up the Non-Commercial all the time ?

Reason for failure: A suitable license does not exist.


nuke_i : No license for product (-1)
License Path:
C:\Users[username]\FoundryLicensing\04d9f504cd4c;C:\Program Files\The Foundry\RLM;C:\ProgramData\The Foundry\RLM;C:\Program Files (x86)\The Foundry\RLM;C:\Users\he.sun\FoundryLicensing;C:\ProgramData\The Foundry\RLM

Hello – I’m not an expert in Nuke license issues, but I wonder if maybe you can set the FOUNDRY_LICENSE_FILE environment variable to point to the license file that you want to use? (More info in Foundry’s documentation.)

You could set this variable in the before_app_launch core hook, which runs right before Nuke is launched.

If you have a physical license file that you want to point to than what @tannaz said is exactly what you want.

However if you have a server that is hosting the license, and you have multiple floating licenses, than you want to look into pointing the ‘foundry_LICENSE’ environment variable to port@server. This can be done during a startup script when a user logs in, or part of a setEnv phase called from a launcher script, or the before_app_launch if you are always inside a shotgun environment… there’s many ways to handle this just depends how your place of work is setup.


OK. We have floating license, so need to set env port@server. Can you be more specific about step to set it up please ? where is before_app_launch core hook located for example

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the before_app_launch hook is located in the tk-multi-launchapp shotgun app,

I have no idea how your shotgun config is setup… but generally speaking… you will have a shotgun project with the following folders inside cache, config, install… if you don’t have a central install for all your apps also known as a shared_install which is no longer the default then your current shotgun installed apps will be located inside the “install” folder.

go inside that folder, and double click on “tk-multi-launchapp”, inside there you will see a version folder (the current installed version), inside that folder you will see a “hooks” folder, go in there and you will see “before_app_launch” DONT EDIT THAT .py FILE!

so… thats where its located… but now you need to make a lot of decisions…I strongly suggest you start reading:
Administrating Hooks


There are several embedded links on that page that also highlight hook editing, and managing your project configs.

The general goal is you will copy that before_launch_app hook into your project “@configRoot/configs/hooks/” under a “tk-multi-launchapp” that will need to be created, then inside “@configRoot/env/includes” you will see a “app_launchers_yml” inside there you can define the new location for your “before_launch_app” hook for each piece of software you want to set ENV variables for.

If you are using the new config_default2 it looks like these hook locations are set inside “@configRoot/env/includes/settings” and then there will be a “.yml” called “tk-multi-launchapp.yml”


Example from config_default:
These are what the settings look like by default.
defer_keyword: ‘’
engine: tk-maya
extra: {}
hook_app_launch: default
hook_before_app_launch: default
icon: ‘{target_engine}/icon_256.png’
linux_args: ‘’
linux_path: ‘@maya_linux
version: v0.7.6
type: app_store
name: tk-multi-launchapp
mac_args: ‘’
mac_path: ‘@maya_mac
menu_name: Launch Maya 2015
windows_args: ‘’
windows_path: ‘@maya_windows

you want to change
hook_before_app_launch: default
assuming you have put the new into “@configRoot/hooks/tk-multi-launchapp”

Hope this helps… It’s a lot of information…anyone that has more info, feel free to add on :D;