Nuke Terminal and Shotgun

The Shotgun Nuke integration, “kill” the terminal openning in Nuke. There is a way to restore it, and see the Nuke terminal? We have some in-house tools and we need to see if they are loading on Nuke terminal.


By Nuke terminal do you mean the script editor and the error console?
There is/was a known issue that having the script editor open could crash Nuke due to threading issues (I think). Not sure if this has been addressed since.

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Sorry I was maybe not clear as water. I want to said the :

Command-Line Operations

You will need to hook the tk-multi-launchapp app_launch hook and change this line:

        # on windows, we run the start command in order to avoid
        # any command shells popping up as part of the application launch.
        cmd = 'start /B "App" "%s" %s' % (app_path, app_args)

to this

        cmd = 'start " " "{app_path}" {app_args}'.format(app_path=app_path, app_args=app_args)

Assuming you are on Windows.


Thanks @Ricardo_Musch worked like a charm!

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