Nuke Indie Shotgun Integration

Hello there,
We are a small studio looking into having just one artist using Nuke Indie in our Shotgun Pipeline. They say that NDK (Nuke Development Kit) Apps are not yet supported. There is no trial for this license. It would be a bummer to buy a license just to find out that it is not compatible with Shotgun.

Any ideas on compatibility?


Here is the link to the product in question.

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That’s a good question, I’m not sure if we’ve tried it, I’m also not sure if our own license covers that product. I think however it’s unlikely to work.

Looking at the compare table, it says:

Python API Support: Limited (Python usage limited to 10 commands)

I think that is going to be the main factor in it not working. Our integration doesn’t work with the non-comercial version for the same reason.

It’s also possible that our code specifically checks for versions and only allows the engine to run on the approved versions.


We ended up getting the Indie license anyway and I can confirm that the Nuke Indie is not picked by a shotgun by default. We will post if we get some success down the line.

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