ShotGrid Desktop - Rocky Linux 9 compatibility


I’ve installed the ShotGrid Desktop app on Rocky Linux 9.2, but unfortunately, I’ve realized that they are not compatible together. (Currently, I’m getting an error: “ImportError: cannot open shared object file: no such file or directory”). My question is, am I correct in understanding that ShotGrid Desktop is not compatible with Rocky 9.2? If so, is there a plan to upgrade ShotGrid Desktop to make it usable on Rocky Linux 9.X as well?

Thanks in advance!


Are you sure you are using v1.8.0?
I’ve seen people use SG desktop on Rocky, but maybe Rocky 8.

Yes, I downloaded the latest version, and I checked: it’s v1.8.0. On the official release topic ( A new version of ShotGrid Desktop has been released! - #14 by toolkitty ), only Rocky 8 is mentioned at 1.8.0. That’s why I thought it might be an issue with Rocky 9 compatibility. Also, as far as I know, OpenSSL 1.1.1 is on Rocky 8, while Rocky 9 uses OpenSSL 3. (Could that be one of the reasons they are incompatible?)

I think I had a similar issue with another piece of software for rocky 9. you might be able to get by yum installing libxcrypt-compat package

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Hey Bene,

You should be able to install compat-openssl11 on Rocky9 to install the legacy version of OpenSSL.