dependency vs RHEL 8 distributions

The 2023.07.006 version of the ShotGridCreate binary seems to have a dependency on two separate versions of : version 11 and version 20:

$ ldd ShotGridCreate  | grep libgcrypt => not found => not found => /lib64/ (0x00007fdd6655f000) is the version that comes with CentOS 7.9, but is not available for RHEL 8 and derived distributions (Rocky Linux, Alma Linux…) where is the default version.

Is there a separate installer than ShotGridCreate.rpm which supports RHEL 8/9 distributions, considering that CentOS 7is going end-of-life pretty soon and most studios are in the process of transitioning away from it? If not, is there a timeline for RHEL 8/9 support?


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