Shotgrid Desktop Python3 but Console Python 2?

Hey friends,

I am on Linux Fedora and want to be able to write Python3 code in the Shotgrid config. The Desktop App seems to be showing me that it is running Python3 as you can see here in the screenshot.
But as soons as I open the Shotgrid Python Console it runs Python 2.
Because of that reason trying to import pathlib in the config throws an error.

I hear I can try setting an environment variable SHOTGUN_PYTHON_VERSION to the value 3. Doing this seems to have no effect on the console.

Has anyone some advice on how to run fully Python3 ?


so for others who might have the same problem. Found a related thread.

I needed to replace the content of the file in my config: core/interpreter_Linux.cfg with the path to the python interpreter I wanted to use.