ShotGrid Desktop menu item "Advanced project set up..." is not visible

The title says it all. I’m running through the Shotgrid TK tutorials with the example projects, but when I right click on ShotGrid Desktop to select “Advanced Project Setup” that menu item is not there.


I searched the community and found one other post about this, but there wasn’t a solution posted, so I’m making another post.

it should look like this


I assume I have administrator level access because this is the free trial and I’m the only person with access.
The config has not already been created because when I go to the “Pipeline Configuration List” through “Default Layouts” under my user drop down menu it says this:

I’m posting this in case it might help someone else making the same mistake:

I’ve gone back and re-read the documentation and it is not mentioned, but you have to have a project selected for that menu item to be available. When I selected one of the example projects in Shotgrid desktop and then right clicked the menu option was right were it should be.


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