Shotgrid with tk-blender

i’m new to shotgrid and i have been trying to integrate tk-blender in it. it’s working perfectly fine on windows, but using the same env configs on linux (centOS and Rocky Linux), i can’t get the menu to show, nor the blender icon in the shotgrid desktop app.
i’ve tried almost everything, it is installing the engine from git, i’ve changed blender versions alot, still to no avail.
thank you in advance

First of all, you need to make sure to also pip install Pyside2 inside Blender or bundle it in the environment, as mentioned in tk-blender’s github repo readme.

Apart from that, you should enable debug logging and see if the logs will tell you where to look.
Without logs there is not much to go on.

Feel free to post them here.

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thank you so much for the fast reply, i have made sure that pyside is installed on every python installed in the machine (globally installed python, Blender’s python and Shotgrid’s python), i have also enabled debug mode, but there’s neither errors or warnings, whether related to tk-blender or anything else, that’s what’s frustrating me here.
blender isn’t even showing on the desktop app,but on. “tank caache_apps” it says that it downloaded from. the repo and installed correctly.

is there anything i can assist with for a clearer overview ? logs ? env files ?

Have you set the engine to tk-blender in the software entities?

What version of blender are you using?
Are you pointing it to the right install location?

On Windows and Mac it searches the default locations but not sure it does so for Linux or if they are the correct locations.

Hi guys @Diego_Garcia_Huerta I am using Blender 4 but the menu in blender seems to have issues. Is it possible to get the integration working in Blender 4?