Sharing different sg fields in client-review-site

Hi all,

is there a way to Share anything but the sg_uploaded_movie in the client review site? If it is at all the uploaded movie, that is being shared.

We currently use different version entities for the same offline version, which gets messy over time and needs a lot more maintenance. There are different versions that the client wants to review, for example cropped to the reference or with a lut applied, hence we have different version entities that apply the desired transformation to the original version.
It would be way more userfriendly to just have different url fields that can be shared with the client, instead of just the main movie. Then we could store everything in one entity.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Henna.

No thats not possible.

It would be better in that case to use the Published Files as viewable files per version.

What holds you back from making 3 versions and putting them all in the playlist?

That’s what we do now. And it’s messy. We have 5 Version Entities for each version and they get approved at different times and most likely not in a linear way for different shots/versions. And then you have to maintain the 5 Versions, otherwise it will be even worse. Also each version needs to be in a different playlist for different people to approve and then you get feedback on several version entities that all basically belong to the same original version and you have to manually put them together.

My boss asked me if there was a neater structure for all this. There were other attempts in the past to get client feedback, that were aborted due to some errors, but I don’t know which.

We have never used published files, because it never fit the schema we are working with. But maybe that would be a way to tidy up a bit. Thank you for the suggestion. I will look into it.