Sharing assets and versions global over multiple projects

My studio is looking to create a global studio cg library of assets and I am curious if any one has any experience in doing this or any idea of how it could be done.

Hi @jayt

We have a global studio library running in shotgun. The way we are working is the following:
We created a project with the studio name. (This contains everything from showreels to our stock).

  • Under this project we are using asset libraries to make a split between hdri’s, cg assets, fonts, textures, footage, etz…
  • On an asset level we then made a split between the different types. In example: Blood, Debris, Explosions, Fire, …
  • Then in that asset we have multiple versions. Being the different stock footage of blood, …

Downside in this way of working is that the versions are actual different types, meaning you can not store older (actual) versions of an cg asset let say. But since this is your library we only need the latest version.

In the end we created a new page called “Stock Library” that leads you direct to the page with all versions. Typing for example “Fire Hallway” in the search bar gives you exact what you are looking for. (Tagging helps with this.)

'Sidenote: The reason why we choose to work under a company project is because we copy assets to the project folder we are working on.

The pipeline takes care of automatic compressing and upload to shotgun or importing in Nuke,…

I am not sure if this is the best way of working but it definitely works very well for us.


Hi @jayt!

We have a very similar setup for that in our company as @BertST is describing. If you are using Shotgun Toolkit it also good to know that the loader is not bound to load only project specific assets. You can setup the tk-multi-loader like this:
  - caption: Assets Library
    entity_type: Asset
    - [project, is, 123] # The ID of your Asset Library project
    hierarchy: [sg_asset_type, code]

This will allow loading the assets from the asset library from all projects.


Thank you for the help. This has helped and sent me on a new path in learning SG.