Global, non-project-specific library?

We’re trying to figure out if there’s a way to create something like a project that would track assets that could be globally available to all projects.

For example, we would build a VFX library, with all assets available to be used in any other project we’re working on.

Any way to do this?


Hey Sean, welcome to the forums!

This was actually raised just the other day here, perhaps that thread would have some ideas of use to you? It also leads to this post.

Also note that Tommy makes mention of some of the caveats that come with a setup of this kind.

Hope this helps some!


We have created a lib project where we publish setups and assets for reuse, tagging them for easy searching. In the loader apps, we have added that project as additional tabs besides the my tasks and shots/assets on the current project, so one can have easy access to it. Our developer @mmoshev can elaborate on this, it’s very useful!


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