SG Desktop Thumbnails Update


I was wondering if there is a possibility to update the SG Desktop Icons on distributed user setups - since it doesnt at the moment as it seems.
The “tm-launchapp\thumbs” folder keeps references to the old versions of the icons and only update if I delete this folder manually!
Any tips would be appreciated!



Hey @sebastian.brandhuber,

Welcome to the forums!

You can use the Software entities page on your site to define your launch applications and you can set the icons as you please;

Is this a way that could work for your setup?


Hi @sebastian.brandhuber,

Sorry I think I jumped the gun there, I’ve just tested what you were explaining and I’m seeing the same thing where a change to an icon doesn’t propagate if there is all ready an icon cached.

I’ll write up a ticket for this.



Hi David, thanks for the reply!

Looks like you already found the issue!
I kind of solved it temporarily by adding some custom “thumbnail clean up” code to the hook, that only runs for tk-desktop, but of course a more convenient solution is always appreciated :slight_smile:


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