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I am using a distributed config to launch softwares from Shotgun Desktop. I never did setup TANK_CONTEXT.

When launching Houdini from the launcher, I have a prompt window telling me TANK_CONTEXT is empty. I have to manually clic “OK” for Houdini to launch.
Houdini then launch and the pipeline works without any problems.

I can’t find any documentation about TANK_CONTEXT env var. What am I supposed to setup to avoid this prompt window?


This variable is set up by the launcher, you should not have to do anything. Does this happen for all DCCs? We have seen this in our system, I believe on a specific machine.

It only happens when launching Houdini.

Edit: I just checked in Maya, TANK_CONTEXT is not set:

import os
>>> None

Hi Ben,

I’m totally guessing here but can it be because HOUDINI_PATH is set on that system? See the documentation here: Why are my Houdini ShotGrid integrations not starting? - SG Developer


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@mathurf, that fixed it!
In houdini.env, HOUDINI_PATH was set with $HOUDINI_PATH rather than %HOUDINI_PATH%


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