Setting a tag on rv

The help says how to add media content to currently running rv !

   To add to the media contents of the currently running RV with tag "myrv":
       rvpush -tag myrv merge [ ] 

I dug up whole rv --help, I do not see what flag can be used with rv to set a tag so I can specify using the rvpush as shown in the help.

Can anyone please shed some light ?


Figured out: rv -network -networkTag foo now I need to find out how to keep the shotgun integration when rvpush is used
how it is done with
rv -l -play -eval \'shotgun.sessionFromVersionIDs(int[] {11111});\'

Does anyone have any clue to keep shotgun integration ?

Hi Supercool, what exactly do you mean by keep shotgun integration? Is this what you were asking about in How to call sessionFromVersionIDs from python??



Not sure if its a standard throughout all rv, but in rv I see menu Shotgun > Launch Browser that opens a browser with a specific context that is passed by the version id. If I use that version I am able to keep the context information and hence the browser and other functions relating to shotgun works as context is known .

Thanks You.

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Can you explain what the networkTag option does? Would this allow to also send to machines in the network rather than just RVs running on the lcoalhost machine?

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