Passing a flag into an existing instance of RV using rvpush


I can pass in a flag when opening a new instance of RV by using the -flags argument: rv -flags some=value. However, I can’t pass in a flag using rvpush.
What is an approach I can use to pass in a value to an already running instance of RV?


you’ll want to use -tag then pass your arguments when running rvpush

tag is actually used to name specific instances of RV. For instance, if you have environment set up for each one of your shows and don’t want to cross-pollenate environments, you can use tag with the name of your show to ensure that you are only doing rvpush to the compatible RV session.

If flags doesn’t yield through rvpush, I’d personally write that up as a bug.

That being said, another approach, if you are controlling the receiving plugin, would be to use -sendEvent which can handle arbitrary payloads.

Packages can listen to external events called from -sendEvent by prepending the event name with external-

Send event also takes two arguments, one is the event name, and the second is the payload.

For instance:

rv -sendEvent mySuperAwesomeEvent ‘foo’

Would initiate an event on startup (or in the event of rvpush, on receiving)
and the event.content() would contain foo