RVLink URL protocol handler opens new RV and doesn't append

The behavior of the browser RVLink protocol handling on Mac is to append any selected media to an already running RV session (or open a new session if none is running). On Linux however it seems to start up a new RV instance with each invocation of “Play in RV”, which is not ideal if you’re trying to run a review via a single session. Has anyone had any success configuring xdg-open to get the append behavior (the fact that this isn’t default behavior would indicate this is probably easier-said-than-done)? (CC’ing @JDArredondo)


Hi Nico,

Check out rvpush with -merge.

While the content of what you are sending is important for how RV handles the new link, it can be used to target the same session similar to how OSX’s native URI handling works.

All sessions need to be started with rvpush (so that they are listening for updates), but a change (via the wrapper, or whatever you use to launch) can be used to accomplish what you seek.

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Thanks Mike! I was testing this and stumbled across the rv.install_handler_rvpush which I hadn’t noticed until now. Looks like this will set up some reasonable defaults to get this behavior.

Follow-up question. Is there a way to get rvpush behavior and rvsdi (I assume the binaries may all be merged post-7.5.0 but we’re still currently on 7.3.x)?


Yeah, the binaries are merged in 7.5.0+, but until then you can set RVPUSH_RV_EXECUTABLE_PATH to set what application actually gets launched.

More info on all the options over here:

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Ah yeah it’s right there in the docs you sent. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again for the assist Mike.


Of course, happy to help!

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