Rvlink url encoding changes

One of our users reported that SG review in RV is no longer activating when selecting “play in RV” from the SG media app. I narrowed the issue down to the rvlink urls being passed to the rvlink protocol handler being encoded differently:

rvlink:// -l -play -eval ‘shotgun.theMode().setServerURLValue(“[https://mythvfx.shotgunstudio.com](https://mythvfx.shotgunstudio.com/)”);shotgun.sessionFromVersionIDs(int[] {150604});’

as opposed to the same entity being encoded (different workstation, same user and browser version)

rvlink:// -sendEvent 'gma-play-entity' '{"protocol_version":1,"server":"[https://mythvfx.shotgunstudio.com](https://mythvfx.shotgunstudio.com/)","type":"Version","ids":[150604]}'

The latter works with SG review, the former does not. I’m aware of the upcoming plans to desupport SG review, so quite possibly this is related, but I’m at a loss to explain how we’re arriving at these alternate encodings on seemingly identical environments. Any thoughts from the hive mind?

Hello Nico,

It looks like your Shotgun site is setup for Screening Room instead of SG Review.

Would you mind looking at your Shotgun site prefs when you get the chance please.
They should look like this for SG Review:



Hi Bernie, thanks for the tip. I can confirm SG review seems to be disabled in our settings.

Which is odd, since (I thought) we’ve had it enabled and working this whole time, plus this is a global setting. The urls shown above were both generated seconds apart (different workstations) so if the setting toggles the encoding I’m still confused how we would arrive at these different results.

This is strange…
To reassure you : we are NOT deprecating SG Review today.
Not today.



that is a bit of relief. We’re running our own fork of SG review, and while we’re not opposed to migrating to screening room (pending an eval), we’d rather not have to expedite the process of retraining people on a new review workflow. What’s the timeline for the next SG release that will officially deprecate this?

A little extra digging, it seems SG support changed our preferences underneath us several days ago:

This issue cost us a bit of time to track down, so if the above change was performed intentionally, I would’ve preferred it had been communicated to us.

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Hey Nico,

Apologies for breaking your workflow!

The SG Review site setting has been automatically disabled as part of Shotgun 8.20 release, as explained in this FAQ: ‘Shotgun Review for RV’ deprecation FAQ

The 8.20 release is part of the “soft deprecation” to see if there’s anything that we’re missing from Screening Room before removing the SG Review app setting for good. We highly recommend migrating your workflows as the hard deprecation is approaching fast. We’re looking to deprecate SG Review app early next year.

The FAQ has been linked as part of a site banner warning of this change, for a few weeks now. Is there another way that you’d prefer to be notified that would work best for you?


Hi @alexaz, yes the banner and FAQ are definitely informative (and hard to miss). I was anticipating the eventual hard deprecation, but skimmed right passed the blurb indicating “we’re automatically turning this off” as part of the soft deprecation, so this change did catch us off-guard. All is well and working now, and the silver lining is that it’s going to accelerate our eval of screening room.


It happens! On the bright side it wasn’t hard deprecation so you still have time! Hopefully we can entice you with future Screening Room improvements to forget this rude interruption :slight_smile: