Set InfoStrip on by default

What do I need to edit in to have the infostrip toggled on by default when I open RV?

Hey @Pareidolia,

Are you talking about the built-in info strip or the shift + i info strip?

You can set up a Custom Hotkey in your or file:

    bind("source-group-complete", toggleInfo, "Toggle info widget via event");

Note that the info strip will appear after the sources are loaded. You can technically bind on any event, though I find that source-group-complete event might work the best in this case. You can also check out the internal events here.

If you’re looking to set up the SG info menu, add a hotkey above and also take a look at this Custom SG Info strip thread!


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Alexa and Kessler in the same thread? Is this a crossover episode?!?!

Alexa had it all awesome, but just wanted to sneak in to add one little bit. Modifying the existing shouldn’t be necessary (Alexa’s methods don’t modify the existing one), attaching to an event like Alexa suggests or having it happen as a plugin or startup file is cleaner than modifying the RV source, since you don’t have to port that forward for each version of RV.

Having the RV UI source is quite nice, but some restraint on modifying it when unnecessary will yield benefit in the long term (though sometimes, you just gotta).

The easiest way to toggle the info strip from Python is just to bind to the toggle symbol. You can do that with this:

import pymu
toggleInfo = pymu.MuSymbol('rvui.toggleInfoStrip')

Then, any time you want to toggle it from code, just call toggleInfo().

This could just live in the init of a simple package (or as Alexa points out, your startup file) so it just runs once and you are set. Note it won’t show until you have media loaded though.

Or, you could go further and add a check to commands.readSetting on startup and commands.writeSetting where the infostrip is enabled and the setting could be controlled by prefs; I’m not sure if you are just managing your own system or several, so ymmv.

Alternatively, if you did just make write/read the state to settings; you could potentially make that as a PR to OpenRV. That seems like a reasonable state to me to keep saved between sessions.