How to change default layout in rv?


we are using the RV. Currently, when we open RV with the default layout, in the edit tab currently Use Source Cut Infomation and Retime Inputs to Output FPS are default checked. How can I make change in defualt setting of this?

Naitik Patel


Hi @naitik,

Thanks for posting in the community. We have pinged the RV expert who will get back here soon.


One option available to you is to implement a custom in you home directory that sets the layout’s settings as desired. Example below: (1.1 KB)

import rv.commands as rvc
import rv.rvui as rvi

def group_member_of_type(group_node, member_type):
    for node in rvc.nodesInGroup(group_node):
        if rvc.nodeType(node) == member_type:
            return node

def initialize():
    return rvi.newStateObject()

def setup():
    layout_node = rvc.nodesOfType("RVLayoutGroup")[0]
    layout_stack_node = group_member_of_type(layout_node, "RVStack")

    # Disable "Retime Inputs to Output FPS"
    _property = "{}.timing.retimeInputs".format(layout_node)
    rvc.setIntProperty(_property, [0])

    # Disable "Use Source Cut Information"
    _property = "{}.mode.useCutInfo".format(layout_stack_node)
    rvc.setIntProperty(_property, [0])

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Thanks for your reply,

I have just one question what do you mean by in home directory?

Naitik Patel

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Depending on your operating system, your home directory is usually located at:

  • Windows: C:\Users\[username]
  • macOS: /Users/[username]
  • Linux: /home/[username]

For example, on my mac, the file would reside here: /Users/collinbanko/

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Thanks for your reply.

When I put that file into home directory, it is working fine. But can I put that file into other location and set any environment variable to execute that file while open rv.

Naitik Patel

This can be achieved by switching to a package-based implementation. I found some time and created a package that sets the same defaults. To install and inform RV of our package (via an environment variable), perform the following steps:

  1. Create a directory to act as new support path.
  2. Download the package: set_defaults-1.0.rvpkg (1.3 KB)
  3. Add and install the package into the support path created in step one using the rvpkg utility located in RV’s installation directory:
    rvpkg -install -add [support_path] [package_file]
  4. Set the RV_SUPPORT_PATH environment variable to the newly created support path.

The next time you startup RV the package will automatically load and set the desired defaults. You can verify its presence by checking RV >> Preferences >> Packages.

For more information check out the following documentation: