RV package edit source cut-in cut-out

Hi all,
I’m a new user RV, I need to make the package for toggle edit each movie source cut-in and cut-out. I use the “command.sources” to get them all input movie cut-in and cut-out, I see Mu Command API, I want setIntProperty to set value, but I haven’t idea the propertyName the flag?


I am also new to RV and ShotGrid and need to learn fast.

Worst part for me is that I am NOT a coder of any kind.

I have the same need to know how to toggle the playback of screening room playlists without the handles.


The easiest way to solve this in general is to save the RV session file and then find the name of the property. If you can’t find it that way, then try saving one before you change what you want, then one after. RV sessions are fairly reliable in their layout so a diff between the two will show you what has changed which will help you find the property name.