Search Shotgun Field Display


I am looking for some guidance on where we can find the Admin formatting field to revise what shows up in the top right ‘Search Shotgun’ search bar (as I am not an Admin and can’t search for it).

For example, if I select ‘Person’ from the Search dropdown and type in my own name. What is displayed is my ‘Permission Group’ with Shotgun.


We would like to find where we can customize that to display our ‘Title’ in Shotgun instead of the ‘Permission Group’ as there are times were Editors will have a permission level of producer, but you would have to click-through to their name to see what their title is.

Thank you,

Laura Dochtermann
PIXOMONDO | Digital Production Manager

For paper trail, I received a reply on this one, thanks:

Hey Laura,
Unfortunately there’s no way to customise what gets shown when a searched value is displayed (what we call the ‘display name’ of an entity). This is something we’d like to offer, but we have no plans in the short term to dive into this functionality - sorry about that. I’ll pass your feedback onto the product team so they have it handy the next time they look at this area of development.
Another option might be to go to a page of users, show the field(s) you care about and search from there instead of using the global search.