Display Tracking Hierarchy in Field Searches?

So we’re in a situation I’m sure a lot of people have been in where we have a bunch of similarly-named entities, and the default “Project > Entity” name search results in the Link fields is woefully inadequate.

Could it be possible to use the Entity’s hierarchy from project tracking settings in these search fields, so we don’t have to ensure unique Entity names across thousands of assets, and we can actually identify which Entity is which when they are named the same but have different Tracking Settings? For example:

Alternatively, maybe we could specify a field name to use for each entity type in searches, to help add a little more context to the results than simply “Project”.

If this is already something that can be adjusted and I am just missing it, or there is another way to accomplish Entity disambiguation in the web UI link fields, that would be great - please tell me!! :slight_smile:


Pref to control the display name cache of entities – Shotgun Support (shotgunsoftware.com)

Guess we’ve been waiting like 6 years for it.