RV Docs in One Page

As someone, for years, served up documentation links, I am now utterly lost when it comes to the split up pages of the RV docs.

Does anyone have an active page or pdf of the RV docs all on one page (well, three, Manual, Reference, and SDI)?

No beef against those who converted them over to Autodesk-esque, but many years of ctl+f and not being able to do that anymore is frustrating.


Hi @Michael.Kessler ! It’s nice to hear from you!

Thanks for reaching out about this. Initially, we copied over the RV docs as an exact mirror, as one massive doc for each manual since yes—we understood how our RV users liked the ctl+f. However, that broke the indexing in AKN :scream_cat: . We definitely pushed the limits of AKN documentation, but ultimately discovered that AKN is not set up to support that kind of structure, and we’ve moved away from this as a best practice—though I know many still appreciate this kind of presentation!

That said, we’ve done the following to help:

  • Broken down the more massive one page docs into chapters
  • Added index terminology and robust search with the RV docs
    • I suggest the following when searching in RV documentation:
      • From In Product Help, enter your search term
      • Since all of the RV documentation has the taxonomy “Media Playback and Review” assigned, select “Media Playback and Review” to search within the RV docs. Then, you’ll only be presented with results within RV documentation.


If you have any trouble finding things, I’d be happy to jump in and adjust our index terms—just keep me posted if that’s needed.

I hope this helps and that you are doing well!

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