RV browse media in file system


While playing a Version in RV using Shotgun Screening Room, it there an action that allows for jumping to the file system to browse the current media being played in the file browser? Or if not, is there a way of achieving this though a custom menu action like on the Shotgun site or some another way this could be done?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks!


Hey @viktor_petrov,

There is not a vanilla option to jump to file system in RV for a selected Version, one option would be to have the “Path to Movie” field visible in the notes pane and copy paste into a file browser? Not very elegant but works in a pinch.

OS_001_0010_comp_output_v004_mov_--_Frame_1016 )

I’m putting this in from of our RV team as they will likely have a better solution


Hi @DavidMason thanks for your reply. Yes, that’s what we’re doing at the moment, but it would be great to have an action that directly opens the folder. I can try to write a custom one myself, just not sure how/where to start.

Hey Viktor,

Sadly we don’t have an option out of the box to open files in finder, though it’s a great idea. I’ll put in a feature request to make this easier in the future.

Screening Room in RV is a rendered web page, so even though you wouldn’t be able to modify the Screening Room itself, you can add a custom plugin to RV. You can either modify the PlugIns/Mu/shotgun_review_app.mu to add a menu item to Shotgun menu in RV or you can add a separate menu. Both of these can be accomplished via an RV package

The easiest way to get media’s path that RV sees is to grab it from the Source node itself:

from rv import commands
frame = commands.frameStart()
sources = commands.sourcesAtFrame(frame)
print rvc.sourceMediaInfo(sources[0])
print rvc.sourceAttributes("RVFileSource")
fileNames    = commands.getStringProperty("%s.media.movie" % sources[0], 0, 1000)



Thanks @alexaz this worked for us. Looking forward to having this as a default function of RV in the future :slight_smile:

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