RV 7.9.0 and RV 2021.0.0 loading stereo images sequences fail problem

Hi dear all:
Is anyone experience like me to load stereo images fail in RV 7.9.0 and RV 2021.0.0 ??
RV just freeze no response at all!
And I tried on RV 7.7.0/ RV 7.8.0 all fine no problem at all!


This is RV 7.9.0 load stereo image sequences error, when I drag the second images sequences into RV
sourceGroup000000_source - No Media

And I test on different workstation.
system : win10


Hi Jimmy,

I was able to reproduce this issue too in 2021.

We might have 2 workarounds for this right now:

  1. Using the “Stereo Autoload Right Eye” package from the “RV / Preferences / Packages” menu. To use the package, make sure it is installed and loaded in the Preferences before launching RV, then after loading your media for the Left eye, open the “View / Stereo” menu and select the “Find and Load All Right Eyes” option.

  2. Loading the media through command-line. Using a terminal or powershell, you can load the media in Stereo manually. For example:

C:\Program Files\Shotgun\RV-2021.0.0\bin\rv.exe [ C:\Users\me\Videos\LeftEye.#.exe C:\Users\me\Videos\RightEye.#.exe ]

Does one of there workarounds works on your side?

Best regards,

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